Yesterday is a day gone past. 

Yes, we should look upon our memories of the former with fondness, taking forward our lessons learned and the joys of our experience.

But today is when we must live and prove to ourselves and the world that we are not living only by resting on the successes of the days before. 

So what if you are “supposed” to be somebody or somewhere? So what if you are called “black belt” or “champion”? No one says who you are today has to be limited or set by what you did yesterday. 

Greatness isn’t a “won-in-one” game, it’s an ever-to-be-earned series of battles.  Because we won yesterday does not guarantee us a win today. Because we won today does not mean that we will certainly win tomorrow. 

Lest we forget: we are all students, always. 

Yesterday is to be cherished.  

Every Today is another day we must continue to strive to win again and again.


Take My Breath Away…


We are so very bad at this. The moments go so quickly that we seem to plan our next breath whilst forgetting to breathe along the way. Too often, we use up our breath to yell, complain, blame, chastise, obfuscate, speak ill, and even to fill the few spaces between the sounds. 

At practice tonight, one of the other black belts was working through some movements and came to realize how tense all of his moves had become. Every movement was a force of strength throughout the whole motion. 

Asking to hear his breath through the move, it was clear that the very sound of each breath accompanying each move was forced. Taking on a my suggestion to control the speed and precision of his breath, he tried it differently and became less tense and observed his movements as having improved with better speed, fluidity, and control. We spoke for a few minutes about how different it was one way versus the next.

I, too, forget this very lesson – pretty much on a daily basis – to use breath in the way it was intended: to control, to ease, to form graceful and intentional movements, both physical and mental, in order to manage the self and surrounding circumstances with finesse and calm. 

One day, near the end,  we will be searching for those extra few breaths to say those things that really matter, or have them to listen and simply be for a few moments more. 

Use every breath wisely and intently.