Because Local…

Your favorite popular brands were once small businesses, too.

On this Small Business Saturday, don’t forget to check out the best your city has to offer.

Shop, eat, drink local. It’s great stuff and services by great people, close to home.

All the jazz about economy is nothing without starting at home first.


A Bad Day…

Everyone has bad days.

The good news is you (should) get another one tomorrow.

Until then, here are a few great ways to get back to par:

  1. Sleep. They say sleep is like hitting reset on your mind.
  2. Exercise. Nothing changes the chemistry in your mind and body like a great workout.
  3. Meditate. Clear your mind (I’ll admit, this one’s hard for me!) and mind your feelings (you know, like Master Obi-Wan says).
  4. Talk Right. Have an uplifting conversation with a close companion or bring forth positive cognitions.
  5. Do Right. Help someone. Make a small step toward a positive impact somewhere, anywhere.

Even the best of us can have bad days. Fix it. After all, we aren’t necessarily guaranteed a tomorrow.