Farther with Further Reading…

Ever notice that there’s often, if not always, a “Further Reading” or “Recommended Reading” section in books, articles, podcasts, and other media? That’s because there’s both very little that’s truly new knowledge or insight that hasn’t been pondered before, by someone, somewhere, some time and there’s always more to read. As Naval Ravikant says, “Learn to love to read.”.

If you’re like most people, I’m willing to bet that you have a collection of browser bookmarks, OneNote clippings, Pocket saves, or one of the great many article/website/reference-clipping/saving/storing solutions/extensions/apps out there…[or if you’re like my wife, several dozen tabs open on your Chrome browser at any given time – despite my insistence that this is a bad idea].


I’ve been keeping a Flipboard for several years now and I often find myself sharing links to some of my collections of articles (called “magazines”) I’ve compiled over time – and they’re continuously being updated, too. There’s some good stuff in these, written by others smarter and more insightful than me (and some of them are just for fun, too). Enjoy.

  1. Your Best Self – on living your best life (general catch-all of self-improvement stuff)
  2. Lead Well, Lead Right – on leadership, management, and daring to do it greatly
  3. Working with Agility – on agile practices and methods
  4. On Leading & Managing Product – on product management
  5. The Business of Business – on business, startups, entrepreneurship, and building something that matters
  6. The Art of Selling – on the art, science, psychology of sales and selling…the right way
  7. The Mentor Ship – for coaches, coachees, mentors, mentees, and anyone who continuously strives to better themselves
  8. I.T.’s About Business – on technology and the business of IT
  9. Psych! – (you guessed it) on psychology
  10. Speak Up & Write On – ideas for improving your public speaking and writing game
  11. Career Moves – on finding and building a career
  12. Book of Nom-Noms – just food and recipes
  13. Eat Well, Travel Often – on food and travel

You can find these and more at flipboard.com/@dvandreli

Got any favorite articles or collections of your own? Share them in the comments below or let me know what you think!

Happy reading.

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