Why “In Between Degrees”?

Well, that’s actually pretty simple:

In martial arts, you typically get belts to designate your level of accomplishment or skill.   In school, you typically get degrees or certifications that designate your level of education or training.  In business, you typically shoot for some degree of success that is often marked by a title, position, income level, or by the number of ceiling tiles in your office.

In life, there is no typical.  The levels measured in life are not those achieved in the past or those for which you strive in the future, but the ones that happen along the journey.  Wherever we think we came from, however we got to where we are, and wherever we think we are headed – all along the way, we are where we are right now.

The purpose of these writings and musings are to offer insights to life, learning, business and martial arts gathered along the path.

A Bit About the Author (me):

I was always one of those people who did a little bit of everything.  I was never that great at math, never quite spectacular at sports, and never considered myself a sole proprietor of just one thing, but I’ve always been pretty decent at everything.  I consider myself an integrator, an entrepreneur, an innovator, an artist, and a jack-of-all trades.

Currently, my day job is as a consultant, project manager, relationship manager, and business analyst.  In the evenings, I teach and practice martial arts as a 3rd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.  Whenever I can, I get my hands into various business opportunities.  I sing in the choir and cantor at church.  I occasionally grab a commercial print or acting gig, and every now and then find myself in the independent film scene.

Now that’s just what I am today.  What I did in the past is another list and what I expect to do in the future is yet another list to be determined.  I never really liked that old cocktail party question, “So what do you do?”.  All kinds of things.


Well, enough about me and my writing (or lack thereof).  Welcome to my blog.  I hope it lends itself to giving you some insights, food for thought, material for philosophical inquiry, BS for your creative writing paper, or heck, just something to read to help you fall asleep.  Either way, I’m honored that you’ve decided to join me on my journey, along with all that comes with…in between degrees.

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