Dreamers live in reality…

The problem with dreams is that you can’t tell you’re dreaming. Once you’re awake, you either can’t shake it as if it were a real memory or you can’t remember it at all.

The problem with reality is that you can’t tell you’re living the real world. Once you’re in a dream state, you either can’t even perceive what your reality was or it’s so close to reality you think you’re awake.

The thing about either makes it seem like you have to choose one over the other where, in fact, it’s quite the opposite: you don’t even know while you’re doing it. Dreamers live in reality as much as realists dare to dream.

The dichotomy, opposition and imbalance isn’t as such. Two parts, one with a bit in the other. Yes – here comes the yin-yang reference. Both can exist. Both do exist.

All while we are growing up, people tell us to “dream big” and to “shoot for the stars”, or that our “potential is limitless” and that yes indeed, “you can be anything you want to be when you grow up”.

Then suddenly we are older (but maybe not grown up) and people tell us to “face reality”, to “get with the picture” and to “live in the real world”, and that “you gotta do it this way”.

How the message changes over time. But when did we let go of our acceptance of thinking big? When did our dreams die? When, so suddenly, did we stop allowing ourselves the beauty of imagination in exchange for some cold, hard reality we unwittingly and unknowingly bought into one day?

There is a reality, but we do have the power to shape it – we just have to let ourselves into our dreams to make it so. No one ever woke up from a good dream and said, “Well, I’m glad I’m back to reality now!”

There are good dreams and bad dreams, as there are good realities and bad realities.

It, perhaps, is not so much that we should spend our time trying to widen the space between our dreams and our realities, but that our energy should be made to make our dreams our reality and make our reality of our dreams so that dreaming and waking should be just as familiar – and real – as the other.

You can be real, but don’t forget to dream.

Since when did we agree to being grown up?

Dream real big.

Face your dreams.

Because I still want to shoot for the stars.

Don’t you?

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