More than just just…

Seth Godin talks about the idea of, “just ship it”.  He circles back later and says that it’s not just about “just”.

I find that while there’s a lot of merit to the “just ship it” piece, there’s also something to be said about the need for ensuring quality – at least some semblance of it anyway (which is probably some of the feedback Seth received).

Much of what’s out there is so focused on delivering something…anything that’s useable, doesn’t always mean that that something is useful.  I find this problem when we’re asking for too much too quickly and what gets delivered falls short of it being even half good or ready. 

Take iOS 7.01.  We all knew it was going to be junk and that a gazillion bug fixes and integrations were needed almost immediately thereafter in 7.02.  Granted, they likely learned what they needed for that next iteration.  At least dressed is better than half dressed.  Better to go to a wedding in jeans than no pants at all.

I like what Seth says here: “You ship your best work, when it’s ready.”  It’s a good qualifier. 

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