Why are we doing this?

This is one of the most valuable questions one can ask. Moreover, it’s one of the most valuable questions you can answer.

“Are we doing this kicking drill to work on speed and endurance or are we practicing this to use it in sparring?”

“Both. As students, we must keep working to hone our skills and keep our bodies in shape. As martial artists, we must be able to apply what seems like a mundane technique and use it to our advantage in real life.”

If you can’t ask the right questions, you can’t get the answers. Conversely, if you can’t answer the question, you have to re-evaluate what you are doing.

“Are we doing this project for the sake of consolidating data or are we doing it to save the business time and effort?”

“Both. For the business, we’re working to make their lives easier. For IT, we’re cutting our overhead and maintenance costs by bringing our systems together.”

Why are we doing this? Always ask the question and be able to answer it.

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