Lose to learn to win…

I’ll share my secret with you…

Long ago (really, not that long ago) I used to be a loser. I was that beyond far-from-athletic fat, dorky, awkward, academic kid with thick glasses, no popularity, few friends, and marginally accepted who was just “fair” with no social skills.

Things change.

You can’t know what it means to be a winner until you’ve been a loser.

When asked, “How?”, my answer is simply, “I made a choice.”

Nothing is forever and indeed, you can choose to own your destiny.

People tend to scoff at idealism. There’s nothing wrong with having ideals because if you’re going for the moon, you need to shoot for the stars.

Experience is nothing more than a potent combination of winning and failing. If you never fail, you cannot know success. If you’ve never been a loser, there is no being a winner.

You have to lose if you are ever to learn to win.

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