Beware Not Only the Red Tape…

The so-called ubiquitous “red tape”. It’s the very material substance that prohibits, blocks, undercuts and thwarts many the well-intended individual and his heroic pursuits. Often associated with government, bureaucracy, pyramidal corporate organizations or even social constructs, the red tape can be found in almost every circumstance.

The silver lining, though, with red tape is that it is well-known in location, circumstance, and intensity. You know where the red tape is, you can see it and you can ether avoid it, mitigate your interaction with it, or even cut your way through it. Red tape is perceptible.

What is often not visible is the “clear tape”. Clear tape are those barriers and roadblocks that you can’t see but unknowingly end up running into and getting stuck (think Scotch Tape, you know, the invisible kind) in a sticky situation. Clear Tape involves the social, political, and psychological forces that are not always so obvious, the ones that are hard to grasp, difficult to mitigate and often impossible to avoid.

To succeed in one’s goals, he must be aware of and be on the lookout this “clear tape”, as one would need to avoid spiderwebs while trekking through the forest. Beware not only the Red Tape, but also the invisible, but very real and challenging Clear Tape.

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