A Sense Beyond the Senses…

Some martial artists develop this ability to perceive attacks and react to them in the most natural way. It’s as the birds of the sky fly with the changing wind or the fish of the sea swim with the moving current. It’s a sense beyond that of sight, touch, hearing or any other.

It’s an automatic reaction and rebalancing that happens in response to one’s environment or situation.

Today’s battleground is not, for many of the civilian world, one of swords or combat, but of words, perceptions, social interactions, and politics. This is especially true in the workplace. The challenge is not to respond with fear, anger, or haste, but with a calmness and evenness to react appropriately.

Like the martial artist, the average person must seek to become more aware of the self, others, and surrounding circumstances. The awareness, at some point, has to be something that happens without trying. The goal is to develop this sixth sense that allows one to act with a sort of paradoxical “instinctive intention”.

This piece is the keystone for other traits, both in martial arts and in life and work.

Technique and skill alone is not enough.
Strength is also inadequate.
Knowledge, too, by itself is nothing.
Sense must be mastered if any of the rest is to be useful.

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