In the Weeds…

Organization doesn’t always come from some method or strategy.  Simplifying something doesn’t always come from a scientific way of looking at a complex problem.  Creativity doesn’t always strike when you want it to. Sometimes, you have to spend time in the weeds for a while, hacking away at them, pulling on them, and digging them up.  Once the weeds are gone, you can sow the seeds and walk away so that they can grow.

Likewise, the answers don’t always come clearly or immediately with the work. You have to walk away from it.  At some point, in spending countless hours on a problem or idea, you hit a wall and have to end your session.  The next morning, trust that with a clear head, it’s possible that your work the night before suddenly comes into focus like a shot of lightning and suddenly, it’s all there. The concept, the creative, the idea, the organization – all which seemed so far out of reach the night before – is all right there like a scene.  The mind works in the most interesting ways, doesn’t it?  Rarely have I been able to tackle something big without spending some time on it and trusting myself enough to walk away from my work to see it more clearly a short while later, the next morning or even in the middle of the night.  It hits you like a brick and it’s fantastic.

Sometimes, you have to spend some time in the weeds, knowing that you’re going to get tangled up, dirty and cut up, so that you can plant the seeds for the greatness that will be there when you return.

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