There is no “at”…

Every man is responsible for his own destiny.

  – Rayden (Mortal Kombat)

Just as change is a constant, so is transition.  In reality, there is no “I have arrived”, no “I’ve made it”, and no persistent state of “success”.   

In quantum mechanics, there are no states unless they are observed. 

In training, when one says, “I am a 2nd degree black belt”, what they really mean is, “I am on my journey to 3rd”.  Once there, there is not really an at state of success, the next journey begins immediately.  That’s not to say one shouldn’t celebrate, but it’s to suggest that the end of one thing is a transition to the beginning of another. 

In life, a chapter that ends is followed by another that begins. Though it may seem so, there are truly no “This page intentionally left blank” spaces, just a page turn to the next. 

Kept moving, for you are in between.

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