Getting…Growing Older…

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In a nutshell, the real truth is that live constantly evolves. For me, it’s been impossible to predict and even less, improbable for which to plan. If I went back in time and tried to convince myself at 21 what it might look like at almost 34, I would’ve laughed at me. There’s nothing wrong in chasing what you want, so long as it’s a virtuous pursuit and there’s nothing better than winning it, so long as it was won righteously. God will take you to where you need to be, at every moment, ourselves realizing not why or how at that time. Life will kick is in the <wherever> when least expected. It will also bring us to fly farther and higher than we could have imagined. As time moves, you move. It’s still you, just different. We’re here, after all, to experience, learn, and live. The understanding comes with time, as does wisdom we can’t expect to ascertain.  Though we can say that people throughout time have likely been “here” before, and that every circumstance has like likely been experienced by someone, some time, somehow before, it’s still the case that our own existence and experience is and will be like none ever before or ever again.  Things change, and even those of us that are perpetual planners who can play out entire timelines, nothing will prepare us for what’s in store, who we will become, or what we will come to understand.  Growing older may be the biology, but growing in all the unexpected directions is the spirtituality we can’t predict. 

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