Man’s…and Woman’s Search for Meaning…

Simon Sinek says, “Start with Why.”

Most people will strive to do their best if directed properly. Most people want to do a good job.

We often hear about “Millenials being lazy” or “Gen X’ers don’t care”, or some variation thereto. All excuses. What we often forget is that beyond the paycheck, we want to have meaning to our work. We want to know that what we do makes a difference.

So…what do we do when that meaning isn’t clear? What do we do when we don’t know Why?

1. Dare to Ask. If it’s out there, someone knows. Go and discover it.

If no one knows,

2. Dare to Define it. If someone can’t articulate the importance, figure it out and share what you’ve come to understand. At least give it a shot.

If it’s still unclear,

3. Dare to Create It. If for no one else, find the meaning in what you’re doing for yourself. If it’s the case that it can’t be created from where you are, go find out where you can create it from scratch.

A good leader can articulate her story. She can tell you why you should follow her. She is able to paint the picture of not only Why, but How it is that you are a part of it.

We all want to ascribe meaning to what we do. If we strive to care just a little more, we can either Ask for it, Define it, or go and Create it ourselves.

What we do matters. What you do matters.

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