Wise(r) Words from Old(er) People…

In between is where passions are realized, love is found, strength is gained, and priceless life-long memories are made. – Marc Chernoff

I never knew my Grandparents very well at all. I’d met my Mother’s parents, but only while I was young and only briefly. Barriers like language and the Pacific Ocean made it impossible for them to be part of my life. My Father’s parents I’d never met because they passed away before I was born – but my Dad tells me that I look like his dad when I wear a fedora. Beyond that and a couple of short stories, I never really knew them.

As a kid, my neighbors would be my grandparents for “Grandparents’ Day” at school. As an adult, I came to find the martial arts grandmasters were like grandparents to me in a way.

One of the things some people get from a grandparent are some life lessons only known after having lived a full life.

While knowledge can be learned, wisdom only comes with experience.

For that reason, it’s neat to read other people’s stories or hear about their experiences, especially when they culminate into some great truths.

If there’s one thing you read today, make it this excellent piece from Marc & Angel Hack Life.

Included are several great life truths for living your best life today – or at the very least, reminders that there are things we can do to live a little better.

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