Business can be a Game…of Jenga

Building and running a business can be like a game of Jenga.  You can build it taking from the bottom – the people, the knowledge, the systems, the processes, the revenue, you name it – and putting it up top.  Once the bottom becomes thin, you start taking from the middle again, placing the pieces up top – or even worse, losing them altogether.  After a certain point, the entire stack becomes top-heavy and like in the game, the risk is pushing and pulling until the whole tower comes toppling down.

The problem with Jenga is that, as you focus on building up the top, you can’t bring in new pieces to replace those taken – or lost – from the bottom and the middle, and the tower is doomed to fall apart.

Notice that I said “building and running a business can be like a game of Jenga”.  The good news is that if you pay attention and focus on the whole stack, you do have the choice to bring in other pieces and continuously rebuild the bottom and the middle while also building up the top.  Keeping a strong base and an even stronger core must always be a focus of your business.

Yes, pieces will need to be shifted.  Yes, pieces will be lost.  Yes, someone will “move your cheese”.  However, if you just pay attention – to your people, your processes, your systems, your bottom-line, how you communicate, and your culture – and make it a point to keep rebuilding on your base and your core, you can keep building to sky-high.

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