Life Isn’t Ops, It’s a Project…

Part of the definitive meaning of a project is that it is a temporary endeavor with a finite end. 

So often, we try to compartmentalize, process-ify, and micromanage life to some regular expression of expectation. By doing so, we risk our ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape that can’t be neatly placed into a box and executed as if it were some sort of routine to be handled. 

Instead, it turns out that even though we can plan all we like, there are always going to be issues to be prioritized, risks to mitigate, changes to manage, and a constant re-baselining of scope, time, and resources. 
For all the many reasons, life is fluid, moving, and by definition…living. Therefore, so must we be, and not forgetting that life is not operations, but a project.

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