Teach What You Learn…Learn As You Teach

Someone once said, “Those who can’t, teach.” This is completely incorrect. 

I had a meeting this morning and the person I met with asked me what I saw myself doing down the road. “Ultimately, I’d like to be a professor.” 

“What’s your motivation for wanting to teach?” he asked.

Teaching is about giving back and sharing. There are all manner of ways to give back. Take, for instance, my beautiful fiancée, who donates her time to causes like the environment and sustainability, things she really cares about. 

If you have a talent or a gift and the will and energy to do so, you must share it. The formula goes like this:

Learn. Experience. Learn more. Share your experience. Learn more. Teach. Learn even more. Share more. 

Every time I teach at the martial arts school, I learn something new, often from the student themselves. Sometimes, it’s an “aha” moment I have on my own. Understanding that you can do something greater than yourself by sharing and giving back is part of the big picture in life.

Remember, we’re always students in between degrees. Even teachers learn as they teach. In return, share what you learn. 

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